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Release Notes: Synopsis of “Jim Hunt’s Gold Medal Dynamics"

In almost any sport, durable athletic performance is directly affected by how running abilities are developed. Jim Hunt’s Gold Medal Dynamics addresses the most crucial aspect in developing running ability, the neuromuscular factor. How a student is taught to apply the correct actions of running as well as how to strengthen these actions yields the most important ingredients of high performance running which are speed, strength and neuromuscular endurance.

Conventional distance running programs address physiological (cardio-pulmonary and energy delivery) capacities as the foundation of running endurance, leaving the neural factor unaddressed; The methodology taught in Gold Medal Dynamics regards the anaerobic-neuromuscular factor as being inseparable from the physiological factor in developing both the bio-motor abilities and endurance capacities.


Jim Hunt is the renowned former head coach of Humboldt State University who skillfully shepherded a small squad of non-scholarship athletes to national prominence, winning the 1980 NCAA Div 2 National Championship. With 63 years of coaching experience, he has spearheaded the movement to bring “neural-biomechanical training” to the level of recognition it enjoys today, a facet of training that is regarded highly by current winning Olympic coaches such as Alberto Salazar.

Co-author and co-producer, Todd Nunan, conducted running-performance (masters-thesis) research at Idaho State University and presents the “metadynamic-view” of training to facilitate the integration of neuromuscular training with the scheme of conventional practice.


The video consists of segments of clinicians, Jacob Mills, Jackson Shaver and John Tokle, along with special recorded interviews and general competitive running content. The work is narrated by Frederick Repollo, Jim Hunt and Todd Nunan.

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